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Elisabeth Robson MSc CPsychol CSci AFBPsS


I am a clinical psychologist with 25 years’ experience in the NHS and private practice. I have always worked with children and adults experiencing a variety of difficulties including neuro-rehabilitation, mental health, psychological, general life and relationship challenges. The specific issues are discussed under the heading of Spiritual Treatments, Coaching and Conventional Psychological Treatments.


In my capacity as an expert witness, I am commissioned by the court to undertake psychological assessments of adults and children and make recommendations for treatment.  I have also given a number of interviews on various psychological topics and current affairs for Radio and Television, such as the BBC and Sky News.  I have also published business related articles for a number of magazines including ‘The Sunday Times’, ‘Business Travel Show’ and ‘Financial Woman’.


Moving forward, in addition to the practice of standard psychological techniques, I have chosen to focus more on methods of treatment that tap into the sub-conscious and un-conscious or spiritual aspect of the client. This will enable the client to access this inner depth and connection, facilitating a much deeper understanding of self, others and life in general. 



Master's degree in Natural Sciences/ Psychology

Chartered Clinical Psychologist

Chartered Scientist

Expert Witness

Reiki Master



Associate Fellow of The British Psychological Society

Member of The Health and Care Professions Council

Member of The Science Council

Member of The Reiki Association

Member of  The Reiki Federation

Practitioner Member of The London Academy of Reiki

Member of the Division of Clinical Psychologists

Member of the British Psychological Society’s Register for Expert Witnesses

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