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Tarot Analytics


Is based on the idea of tarot as a diagnostic and therapeutic tool to help you tap into your unconscious and access all knowledge in you. This helps you gain a much more comprehensive understanding of yourself and how your past decisions have led you to the present. More importantly, moving forward, how you can make the right choices to achieve your goals.

Transindividual Experience

Most people are familiar with the concept of past life regression and how our past lives could effect our existence in this current life. I believe, the same applies to the future i.e. the concept that our unconscious-self transgresses the time and space. By accessing all knowledge about us, we become much more accomplished as the individual that we are.

Spiritual Coaching


Knowing how to be a spiritual being (albeit this is what we are!) is not something that we have been usually taught. Many appreciate the value of spirituality in their life but don't know how to open-up, engage, develop and nurture this aspect of their being. Spiritual coaching will help you understand where you are on your spiritual path and provides you with strategies for everyday life. 

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