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Corporate Coaching

Over the years I have coached executives of blue-chip companies, corporate law, politicians, TV personalities, and entrepeneurs. At that level, the daily pressures of performing, meeting targets and delievering is a completely different ballgame. In these environments, where you are visible, you have to set examples, fulfil expectations, and navigate your way through complex inter-personal relationships, politics and a fickle public. Understanding yourself, and the people you are meant to impress, manage or motivate is the key.

Life Coaching

Life can become monotonous, routine or you may feel you have lost sight of important or fulfilling things in your life, yet you don't know how to change things or where even to start. Often, staying in the same rut feels more comfortble than trying to change things. Life coaching helps you to address important issues, to re-set your focus, your goals and bring about the necessary change in a safe and manageable way.

Relationship Coaching


Relationships can often be quite problematic for people.  I am talking about relationships in general.  People are often at a loss as to why a particular person always responds to them or interacts with them in a certain way. Intimate relationships in particular, can be challenging for most of us, because they make us emotionally quite vulnerable.

Relationship coaching helps you to gain an indepth knowledge into the underlying dynamics of your relationships and enjoy meaningful and fulfilling relationships.

Individualisation Coaching

Individualisation coaching is all about you and your personal growth! How you can become the person you really want to be but never quite believed you can be. People often thing they have always been a particular way and never will be able to change. Instead they compare themselves to others and always come out short! Individualisation coaching helps you to understand the underlying reasons that create self-doubt and lack of self-belief. It will give you the concrete tools to build the resources you need to fullfil your maximum potential.  

Parental Coaching

Being a parent is the most responsible job any of us will do in life and yet there is no training provided.  We do our best and most of the time it works. There are occasions, when we realise that our child is not responding to our parenting the way we anticipated and despite our efforts, increasingly, at best, we feel ineffective as a parent and at worst, we feel alienated from our child.

Parental Coaching helps to understand the underlying reasons for the discord in your relationship with your child and provides you with the right tools for child-focused parenting.

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